Becca_page  Becca Dennis

My friend suggested that I try out True Strength Gym and I’m so glad I did. I had been doing crossfit/bootcamp style workouts for a year and I was finding that while I had been losing weight, I was always hurt.

I was pretty skeptical when I walked in to True Strength.   I didn’t recognize any of the equipment and I didn’t see how all of it was going to make me strong or help me to continue losing weight. I told Jonathan about my knee problems that I had been having and he devised a plan to start rehabbing my knee and making it stronger. I had never had a trainer take the time to do something like that. I was always told to just push through it. I now walk without a limp!!

Since starting in January 2014, I have dropped 25 lbs of body fat, gained 10 lbs of muscle and my body fat percentage has dropped by 10%. I have gone from being a size 20 to a size 14. My strength has increased exponentially. I push sleds. I bench press. I can even do a one-armed snatch with a 50 lb dumbbell!

And let me tell you about the people there. They are amazing! We are all there for the same reason and that is to become better versions of ourselves. We support each other. We push each other. We cheer each other on. We celebrate accomplishments together. We are a family.

Bottom line is, if you are looking to lose weight, get strong or both, True Strength is the place to be. The workouts are amazing and so are the people. Check it out. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.


Chris_page  Chris Basler

I began training with Jonathon and Wes back in early 2011 to help me get in the right shape for the military. Training with the two of them helped me put on 30lbs in five months and my body fat percentage dropped below 15%.  I found myself in the best shape of my life and continue to live to that standard. Not only did I learn more about physical training, I more importantly strengthened my mental toughness. That is the most important thing for me that has helped me succeed in my military career. There is one phrase that runs through my head every day… “Let’s do something hard today!” -Wes Wright

Emily_page  Emily Nelson

After 15+ years of gymnastics and power tumbling training, I assumed those years would be the best shape I could possibly get in. After joining this gym I found out that I was wrong. Since working out with Jonathan, I have done things in the past few months I wouldn’t have dared to try previously. I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have. The most amazing thing I find about the workouts, is how strong and fit I have become in just a few months time. Jonathan’s knowledge of training exceeds any other trainer or coach I’ve ever had. I have pushed myself and seen progress I didn’t think was possible. I am looking forward to see what goals I can surpass in the future. There is no greater feeling than proving yourself wrong.

John_page  John McLaughlin

I joined TrueStrength about 2 years ago.  I had been working out for several years prior to joining and had spent thousands of dollars on personal trainers  while I had made great progress in my desire for fitness, I was not satisfied with the level of expertise that was available.  Even as I continued strength training, I was also running and tried other “sport exercise” genres like Crossfit.  But, I was still looking for a style of training that would maximize my time in the gym and deliver extreme fitness.

After just one session with Jonathan Catlett, and using equipment that I have only seen at True Strength, I knew I had found what I was looking for.  I could spend one hour in the gym and get a better workout than I could spending 2 hours in a traditional gym.  As I continued with training at True Strength, I learned more about conditioning, muscle development, and what it means to be strong, than all my time working out with traditional trainers using traditional equipment.  Also, I was spending literally half as much money as I was with a personal trainer, and getting twice as much training.  Regardless from what level of fitness you start, training at Strength will get you to your goal faster, and you will be stronger than any other way!  It is without hesitation that I recommend Strength and Jonathan Catlett.

Therese serving ball (2) Therese Lewis

I am a competitive racquetball player and came to Jonathan over three years ago in hopes of improving strength and stamina for both on the court and the golf course as well.   The difference it has made is more than I had expected.  I can get on the court and play two hours without getting exhausted. My legs are the strongest they’ve been in a long time.  I have a bad knee and shoulder and Jonathan knew how to not only work around these “problem” areas, but strengthen them as well.  We’ve worked on everything from hands to feet and I can’t believe how strong my hands and wrists have become.  I get more from my one-hour workouts than I could at any gym because he devises a plan just for my needs.
Jonathan is constantly researching and learning ways to help his clients.   He also knows nutrition and will lay out a diet plan to fit anyone’s need.   Jonathan is a knack for developing a routine for every sport or for every individual just wanting to improve their overall health.

DanicaJonestestimonial Danica Jones

When I moved to Tulsa in 2011, I knew absolutely no one. Most of my time was spent working at a desk, and then going home and sitting on the couch. Two years later, I had gone from 165 up to 258 pounds. Everything hurt – my joints ached, I got migraines, and depression hit me hard. I decided something needed to change, and started going to a globo gym, because that was all I knew. Eventually, I ended up at a CrossFit gym, but after two serious injuries, I finally gave in to my friend’s suggestion to try True Strength. The first day was about 15 minutes of trying new equipment, and 10 pounds felt heavier than 100 pounds.

In under a year, I went from 38% body fat down to 17%, going down to 160, 15 pounds below my original goal of 175. My body has strength I never thought I was capable of – especially when it comes to body weight exercises. Everyone asks me what I did to get strong, and they’re blown away when I try to explain the unique experience we get here at True Strength. Jonathan tailors everything to meet our needs and goals, and we get focused guidance that you can’t find anywhere else. What excites me the most is how strong the women at the gym are – we are empowered, confident, strong and capable. I think most women are scared to try strength training (I know I was), but the results you get here are phenomenal and undeniable. I can’t imagine going anywhere else, and I go out of my way to drive a longer distance, passing countless globo gyms and CrossFit boxes to get the training I know works better than anything else.